Civil rights children’s books – High School

Áreas académicas involucradas

English only- it was a class project carried out during virtual teaching (quarantine)


The girls learned the story and theory of civil rights and segregation practices in the US and after that, we had a discussion on the importance of children’s literature and how its function is to adapt high and often adult topics to a child’s level. Our product was a children’s book that approached a topic related to civil rights. They worked in groups and were given many choices to select in order to write their texts.

Tareas – ¿Qué tuvimos que hacer para llegar al producto final?

We divided the project into stages as follows:
1. Topic selection and reasons for that
2. Vocabulary solution (meanings and examples)
3. Description and choice of characters, setting, time and general plotline
4. Draft and general writing
5. Illustration and design. We only graded the final product, but had verification points for stages 1-2-3. Some girls sent their draft of stage 4 so they could feel more confident about their final product.

Preguntas guía

We wanted to apply the learned topic in a different way that would evidence that the girls understood the problem of racism, we approached the topic because we had been reading The help. Also, the project’s goal was to apply vocabulary from the book so the idea was to solve and understand some vocabulary and then put together the story according to the topic, but minding to use 10 of the new learned words. The product needed to have a priper prologue, a plot, the indicated words, illustrations and project feedback.

Aprendizajes esperados

Vocabulary and writing.




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